Nautilus - Connect to Server from External App

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Nautilus - Connect to Server from External App

Postby nasichassoulas » 2019-01-22 14:40

Hi everyone,

First post. I have been using Debian 9 for almost a year now after Ubuntu use for many years and I am much happier! Everything just works!

I am having a strange issue that I have searched the web for and the forums and only came up with one or two forum posts but no real solutions to my issue. I make quite heavy use of a private WebDav server which I can connect to perfectly. Some of my team (also on Debian 9) are able to connect to this server via Nautilus with no issue. We are implementing a web based ERP for our accounting functions which requires attachment of documents from the WebDav server to records on the ERP using the Nautilus file browser dialogue. On my system (which I administer the servers from), I can browse and attach files from my server as the server is bookmarked and appears in the dialogue. On all of my teams systems, there is no bookmark available in the dialogue.

I thought it may be that on my system I have SSH keys set up to access the server, but loaded SSH keys on my teams systems and this did not resolve the issue.

I would appreciate any guidance on this as I cannot figure out why it works on my system but not on others! If I have been unclear, please let me know and I will try and elaborate.

Kind regards,
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