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Postby ixidorecu » 2019-02-05 20:33

Help! so i installed guacamole following
it is in a fresh vm. i have a static ip set. i can get to the guac page, http://server_ip:8080/guacamole/#/
and was able to add in a new user account there, and disabled the defualt guacadmin account.

I want to be able to add in connections, rdp to desktop, ssh in to server etc.
on Ubuntu there is a user-mapping.xml that has stanza's for the different connections.
file does not exist on my system.
i am pretty sure that info does not go in the file (which does exist)

any ideas?
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Re: guacamole

Postby ixidorecu » 2019-02-06 12:42

I found in the UI to add in connections.
Created 1 connection, with just 1 user in guac, and put in some info worng.
Got locked in a login loop.
ctrl + alt+shift brings up a hidden menu on the left, edited settings and was able to get back in.
for windows hosts, i needed to set tls and ignorecert for it to work.
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