Resolved Copying Windows Profiles

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Resolved Copying Windows Profiles

Postby Soapm » 2019-03-06 00:43

I'm trying to backup my windows profiles onto my Debian server. I mounted the drive into the "Profiles" directory then used the command

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cp -R /profiles/* /video/zwindowsbackup/Grace/p/

The problem is the command can't seem to access the windows folders because of permission.

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'/profiles/Rickey' -> '/video/zwindowsbackup/Grace/p/Rickey'
cp: cannot access '/profiles/Rickey': Permission denied

Is it how I'm mounting the folder or is it in the cp command that I can override the windows permission so I can completely copy everything over. Is there a better way I should be trying this?

This is my fstab entry;

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// /profiles cifs username=******,password=********,sec=ntlmv2  0 0

ps... i'd like to copy them without any permissions so I can put all the files back in the profile folders once I upgrade the drives to SSD's. With a fresh install from xp64 to Win10.
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