[solved] External drive with Debian Buster/Testing

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[solved] External drive with Debian Buster/Testing

Postby uthappam » 2019-03-19 14:24

In November 2015, forum member wizard10000 wrote for me an rsync command for periodic back-ups of data to an external drive. It was far better than the thing based on cp I had been using. But when I ran the same command on Debian Buster (pre-release), which I installed only last week, I kept getting messages about files on the external drive being read only. A little investigation showed that it's the file system of the external drive that has become read only. How this happened to a drive which has not been connected to a computer since late January is beyond me.

The solution was absurdly simple. In a search which included the words "file system" it turned out that the external drive was formatted as NTFS. There was mention of ntfs-3g and the cure was to install that. Presumably this small thing was pre-installed in Debian 9.
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