minicom problem after upgrade to Buster

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minicom problem after upgrade to Buster

Postby bluedalmatian » 2019-08-02 19:06

I normally use minicom to access the serial console on my Cisco router. Today I have tried for the first time since upgrading to buster to access it and I can only get a single character (a rectangular block) to appear when the enter key is pressed. There is no other output. The settings are the same Ive always used 9600 8N1 no soft/hard flow control.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

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Re: minicom problem after upgrade to Buster

Postby ruwolf » 2019-08-07 06:34

Maybe it is new feature? I do not know: minicom wrote:minicom (2.7.1-1)
  • New upstream release.
  • Added upstream path for environment parsing, closes: 869753.
  • Fixed compiler error.
  • Updated Standards-Version:
    - Replaced Menu system config by FreeDesktop file.
    - Made copyright URL an https link.
  • Removed obsolete install scripts.
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