canon driver information assist service

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canon driver information assist service

Postby brcisna » 2019-08-06 23:42

Hello All,

Debian Buster 64-bit

This will be very much a specialty question,I am sure.
Can anyone give any input on what would be the Linux equivilant of the 'Canon driver information assist service' (Windows) that has to be running in order for secure printing/Dept ID feature to work on windows clients.
Have installed the Canon UFR II drivers on the Debian server but same as with a windows server installation,,,without this service running the print jobs appear to be sent successful from client machine but at the printer it throws an error message in the logs at printer, #717 or something close to that number indicative of Dept ID communication failure. . Have searched far and wide and dont see any returns,,as the secure printing/Dept ID, is probably not utilaized very much.
Have scoured both openprinting and cups forums and not one mention of the 'Canon driver information service'.

Thank You,
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Re: canon driver information assist service

Postby ruwolf » 2019-08-07 06:28

It is for Mint, but it should be similar in Debian (because Mint is quite derivative of Debian):
Roman Piták: How to set up Canon iR-ADV C7260 department ID for job accounting on Mint 17
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Re: canon driver information assist service

Postby brcisna » 2019-08-07 18:45

Hi ruwolf,

Thank you much for the link you provided to the cque howto. This looks promising,,,but,,, the .deb installer is badly broken,,as it appears the team maintaining this package maybe used alien to convert rpm's to debs. I never can get the actual cque gui to show,,,but wound up installing a printer through cups with these supplied ppd's. I have gotten to were i can see my correct dept id showing up in the print job at the imagerunner copier now,,but the print job fails with a different number now. I knew this would be a challenge as canon really doesn't support linux it goes without saying..It's a "use at your own risk" scenario for Canon jargon. I never actually see a cque binary anywere?
Im, about to throw in the towel on this one as it was just a 'see if i can make it work on linux' type thing. I spent almost all day fooling with this setup,,and still fails,,only in a different fashion.

Thanks again.
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