Xfce: Black screen after resuming and unlocking from standby

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Re: Xfce: Black screen after resuming and unlocking from sta

Postby CwF » 2019-10-05 13:24

I just ran an image through some things on a HD3000 Intel and the hint file 20-intel.conf with "AccelMethod" "uxa" does affect the basic screen blanking and suspend. Without it, mouse and keyboard go dead on screen blank. The machine is alive as seen from other computers, just a dead display. With the 'hint' file in the hint file directory - wherever you want it - the resume works fine, and the driver works better. Without it the primary issue was screen artifacts in a few programs, strange it makes a difference in screen blanking.
Yes, don't put busid and other such absolute declarations in the 'hint' file. Then it won't effect boot.
The AccelMethod declaration indeed prevents boot to gui if present and not on intel hardware, so this isn't a hint file after all, and can't remain...I left it and commented it out, so a quick edit when on intel hardware is the best I can do. Oh well.
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