Problem with Openvpn configuration

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Problem with Openvpn configuration

Postby ozgta » 2019-09-25 03:32

I have been trying to set up openvpn by following this link:
Openvpn and network-mamager have been installed. However it stalls at the third step when I enter this:
openvpn --remote CLIENT_IP --dev tun1 --ifconfig

The return is:
]root@db64:/home/nigel# openvpn --remote CLIENT_IP --dev tun1 --ifconfig
bash: openvpn: command not found

How can I proceed from this point?
Or alternatively I understand that network-manager can be configured for vpn however I cannot find a guide or reference to doing it through network-manager.

I don't really care which way I do it so long as I can get it sorted.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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