(Pulse) Pin package to make it Uninstallable

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(Pulse) Pin package to make it Uninstallable

Postby mrkapqa » 2019-09-26 20:30

Hello ,

i am running Debian Wheezy and have the following problem:

would like to use Debian withouth Pulseaudio because on my older Laptop the sound with pure 'Alsa is just cleaner and better to my ears.

Whenever i uninstall Pulseaudio, it removes also the Gnome-Desktop and alot of packages, so basically i am reduced to a very core Debian Gnome3 Wheezy, and some things don't work as fine as it could.

If i would reinstall all the packages from Gnome3 with the "Task" line as in the Debian Gnome wiki, it would reinstall Pulseaudio, which i would like to leave out.

So my question is: how can i pin the pulseaudio package to make it "virtually" obsolete on my laptop system and still succed in installing the remaing missing Gnome3 Components for Wheezy?

Thanks for your help.
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