Samba shares for multiple users on different folders

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Samba shares for multiple users on different folders

Postby MrGlasspoole » 2019-12-09 23:22

I really have a hard time with Samba.
Every tutorial is different and i can't find one for my use case.
All this stuff:
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chown -R root:users /directory
chmod -R ug+rwx,o+rx-w /directory
chown -R Parents /directory
chmod 777 /directory
chgrp sambashare /directory

and something else is confusing.

I want to create 2 users (Me and Parents). They don't need Debian access or a home folder.
Me should have access to all this folders or the complete drives with all privileges (read/write/delete/create).
Parents should be able to only access and see some folders (Music, eBooks, TV Parents) and should only have all privileges on "TV Parents" and just read on Music and eBooks.

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/mnt/sdb1/TV Me
/mnt/sdb1/TV Parents

/mnt/sdc1/Music Videos
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