GNU Privacy Guard, private key to a new machine

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GNU Privacy Guard, private key to a new machine

Postby dison001 » 2019-12-30 00:02

I've been "distro hoping" off and on since Red Hat Linux 5.2. I thing that I've finally found my forever distro, Debian. its absolutely awesome. It runs faster and better than anything I've ever tried before, AND this is the first time I've ever went with full disk encryption.

That being said, I had been experimenting with the GNU Privacy Guard on Linux Mint. I really want to learn to use this program. Anyway, before I installed Debian Buster, per instructions I found online, I copied my ~/.gnupg directory.
I then copied its contents to my new install of Debian.
When I issue the command, gpg --list-secret-keys
I get no output at all. I copied my ~/.gnupg directory from my old setup to my desktop.

Im pretty sure that I have my public key imported. It seems like either I dont have, or just simply cant figure out how to use my PRIVATE key.
Are there any gurus out there who may be able to help me? Thank You in advance/
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