KVM on Debian question

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Re: KVM on Debian question

Postby CwF » 2020-01-15 15:15

Seems like lots of variables here?

Keep in mind, the VMM usage I've tried to convey does not require any prior or separate steps to work, ie. no external terminal to log in through. It operates independent of other connections, and doesn't even require VMM to be running on the remote computer. The connection info is saved in the local VMM, click the connection, askpass dialog, and bam connected!

There entire time I was setting it up I was connected to the remote computer with SSH-X2X, looking at the actual monitor. I disconnected the X2X, reconnected, and ran a separate terminal doing a multi-gig scp to and fro. Local VMM stayed stable and connected. I didn't say, but my examples are debian 9 controlling and debian 10 remote, both on XFCE. On the debian 10 I needed to export a key, import into local 9. I got some wonderful errors telling me 10's security is better. The 10 has a fully functional root desktop I can locally log into through lightdm, so password is good, and with the actual password I still couldn't touch anything coming in through ssh from 9, so good.

I also found a bug. the local VMM can leave a process orphaned if the remote nc call fails without an entered password, found it still lingering hours after my testing...5.2MB!

Also keep in mind you could have many connections at the same time. If you are connecting 'somehow' to a vncserver from a windows vm, that means you are calling out the vm ip address and not the address of the remote host itself. There is no mechanism I know of that will feed a vm connection automagically if you call out the host ip. So it sounds like you are not using the correct ip addresses for the action you expect.

Virsh through SSH should also work independently and concurrently with VMM and any other connections. Likewise, multiple virt-viewer sessions could be called. The 'remmina' variable I can't speak to, personally I'd remove it, same for any vnc software. I'd only use an 'extra' vnc type service on a vm with a physical vfio nic to offer up to non-VMM viewers. IE, from another winders machine using vnc, call the vm's ip. For VMM or virt-viewer use the host ip and the "-d vm_name' switch.

Also be aware that it is possible to configure storage on the remote for which there is no possible management access remotely, only access as served from the vm. That's a pickle.

The more I think about it I think you are using a vm ip and not the host ip..

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Re: KVM on Debian question

Postby fyfelka » 2020-01-17 01:14

CwF, I love you.
Also, I'm dumb, so sorry for this long and stupid adventure.
I got it running, because I had openssh-askpass pkg installed, and I needed x11-ssh-askpass pkg. After installation of latter - all working, all nice and cool, thank you very much!
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Re: KVM on Debian question

Postby CwF » 2020-01-17 12:51

Wohoo! Thanks for the trip, happy to ride along.
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