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IRC channels

Postby Debian beginner » 2004-06-03 14:24

Hi forum users,

I want learn debian linux more. So read loads of forums like this one, and try to read chats like freenode aswel.
But what channels do you use?
Is there a debianplaza channel?
Debian beginner

Postby lacek » 2004-06-03 14:46

I don't use irc, but you can always use this forum... :-)
Also, you may contect me via IRC almost any time. (UIN: 57954564, I'm invisible all the time)
If you like irc better, maybe others are able to help you. In the meantime, try
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Postby Debian Beginner » 2004-06-03 16:46

Thanx for the offer.

But what I do is read what other people experience as a proplem and lear from it. So I don't have a specific prob;em at the moment. But when I do I most certainly wil ask for a answer here.

Thanx again.
Debian Beginner

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