Solved: root partion full?

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Re: Solved: root partion full?

Postby Deb-fan » 2020-03-21 12:53

Russian roulette with no bullet?! What madness is this you type!? What's the point and how is anyone supposed to lose/win? However the Mr bullet, Mr foot thing is funny. :) +100 Wiz10k on the not running cmds/scripts without having a clue about them, though yep guessing everybody does it initially. Also being tech the do-over button should always be within easy reach, as long as a user isn't outright tarded. Virtual machines or even a clone on a testing partition. Takes very lil time to set up. Still a must to at least minimally know what's going on, part of script says dl/install huge-backdoor or whatever. Errr, somebody runs it, they're only getting their just rewards.

Deleted Thunderbird profile, another PSA opportunity, BACKUPS!!!, proven backup/restore plan in place and being used. Another +1 for ncdu and plenty of cmd-line wizardry that will show (x-number selected) of the largest files on a gnu/nix install, agree logs is a logical place to check but monster files can end up in the strangest of locations. Root user still allowed in, yet more of the geeky genius of the folks who came up with all this amazing tech, usually 5% of /root space reserved just for that purpose. Whew, good thing I got here just in time .... To add my pointless 2 cents. Now if you'll excuse me, going to run out and find someone who just cut themselves and tell em they should be careful while handling sharp stuff! :P
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