Passwords and remembering them...

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Re: Passwords and remembering them...

Postby LE_746F6D617A7A69 » 2020-05-26 17:42

NFT5 wrote:
oswaldkelso wrote:InthebeginningGodcreatedtheheavenandtheearthandgnu/linux

522 sesvigintillion years

That's pretty cool but fails on many websites because it doesn't contain any numbers or "special characters".

See sunrat's post above and my comment regarding hash collisions - such passwords are not "more safe" in any way, and that "many sites" are just using ancient password checking algorithms.

NFT5 wrote:The other issue that I see (coming) is that an appropriately trained AI could probably crack an obvious phrase like that.

That's not so easy - it may seem easy because You've actually seen the password. The AI could theoretically find such passwords if it will be trained using Your psychological profile, knowing Your preferences, Your cat's name, etc (hello Google, hello Facepalm :evil: ).

Otherwise the AI is useless, especially if the sentence used for password is an illogical set of random words, f.e. a nonsense like this: watergrowsvioletsun or treeillumi_nation6teen
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Re: Passwords and remembering them...

Postby KitchM » 2020-06-05 15:18

So true.
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