MTA taking too long at boot

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Postby Harold » 2005-08-26 00:19

Durandal> One option for removing GDM was to use "aptitude remove gdm" but you suggest "apt-get remove --purge gdm." Is there any difference between these two operations in terms of removing a program?

The remove switch means delete all package files excluding configuration files. The --purge switch means delete configuration files also. Aptitude and apt are both front ends for dpkg, which is the application that actually installs and uninstalls .deb packages.
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Postby Jeroen » 2005-08-26 00:27

Durandal wrote:
Jeroen wrote:If it boots slowly, there must be some misconfiguration somewhere (DNS or otherwise), try launching exim -bd -d as root (after having stopped your normal daemon) and see what part of the startup takes so long. If you run exim4, you can also add the -d option as in
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to /etc/default/exim4, and reboot your computer.

Ok. I believe I was using exim4, so I did the above editing and recieved this as the error message after the long "Starting MTA: " load:

"Starting MTA: exim: incompatible command-line options or arguments."

Argh, I mean -d of course, not =d. Command line options in linux are nearly always preceded by one or two dashes (-).

Again, all I can recall from installation concerning setting up the MTA was that I chose the Local system setup option because I had not setup the network earlier in the install.

Try dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config ? Anyway, you can set your configuration by editing files in /etc/exim4. Because I myself want full control, I copy the generated config file (found in /var/lib/exim4/config.autogenerated) to /etc/exim4/exim4.conf, if that file exists, it will take precedence and the package will never override or edit that file.
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