vps with debian9 running

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vps with debian9 running

Postby xstation » 2020-06-06 09:14

this is a sort of offtopic question but since its the vps i running debian 9 i will ask:

the vps server did not reboot a 8 days ago ,
they said it was a cluster fault

anyway they gave me a new ip and installed debian9 on a vmware server
and migatred all what was needed.

what i find a little odd is that i can still ping the old server without any packet loss,
and i can run a traceroute to that server and its ok even with the ip address its traceroutes to the FQD name

finally before the ssh port was lets say 1234 now its 22 and if i ssh with my old user name i can get connected but the password has changed
sound normal?

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