Python3.7 get it back on system

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Python3.7 get it back on system

Postby brcisna » 2020-07-06 00:03

Hello All,

Debian Bullseye,

As of about 2 weeks ago,Debian updated Python3.8 and at same time deprecated python3.7 (that i also had installed) . At this time apt done the autoremove of 3.7 which I ok'd of course. Well since then i realized i have one app that i use occasionolly that runs in a virtualenv that will only work with python3.7. Long story short python3.7 is no longer in the Bullseye repos,and i cannot figure out how to use backports to get python3.7 reinstalled. I tried installing 3.7 from source but with all the companion packages to get it to actually work,i knew it wouldnt work which it does not.correctly anyway.
Can anyone give insight what could be done to get any version of python3.7 in a repo for Bullseye?

Thank You
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Re: Python3.7 get it back on system

Postby ruwolf » 2020-07-06 01:32

You can make mix of distributions of Debian.
It is not recommended, but I used such mix for a lot years without serious failure.
But you should use aptitude for resolving potential conflicts.
You can set priorities of distributions in /etc/apt/preferences or in /etc/apt/preferences.d/.
But I do not know, if python 3.7 and python 3.8 do not conflict. At least, they are both aliases for python3. You can set, which one would be your default, too, but by different method...
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Re: Python3.7 get it back on system

Postby dilberts_left_nut » 2020-07-06 05:19

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