Debian Wiki: access forbidden?

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Debian Wiki: access forbidden?

Postby mkrutov » 2020-07-25 02:18


So here's my problem: I live in a rented building which has ISP selected and paid for by a building's owner, and this connection is shared by several other families. My external IP address ended up in spam databases (of which I know spamcannibal, barracuda and sorbs, according to debian forums I was listed on all three, at least). I maintain my family devices security and I know that neither of those could have been the source of spam which resulted in blacklisting (denylisting?).

Which is, by my assumption, the reason why I see "Forbidden" every time I try to access debian wiki.
According to the forum search, VPN is not a solution to this.

So, I assume I need to delist my IP from those databases somehow.

1) sorbs - not a problem, already delisted after pleasant communication with their support agent.
2) barracuda - slight bit of a problem. They require phone number to delist your IP address. This I consider personal information and don't want to share with a somewhat random entity. I've posted a request with "..." instead of phone number, we would see how that would go.

3) Now, the problem. Spamcannibal. According to internet search, spamcannibal is claimed to be offline, online, hijacked to hell and back. And all I get when I open spamcannibal (both link from the forums' message about blacklisting my IP and I get empty response.

Is there a suggested course of action for regaining (read only at least) access to debian wiki?

What could be the reason due to which even read only access is forbidden?

Thank you,
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Re: Debian Wiki: access forbidden?

Postby cuckooflew » 2020-07-25 03:16

We are not associated with the wiki administration, but I do sympathize, since you can not even get read access , you can not see that information for contacting them either, your best option is
Subscribe and post to them, you will probably get a response, and instructions ,also a website/ wiki admin could possibly "white list" your ISP, that probably is the problem, some ISP's are used by a high numbers spammers, bot nets ,etc,..and the ISP gets banned/blocked on many websites, NO VPN is not a solution, in fact if you try using a VPN you will also not be given access. You can thank your friendly "marketing engineers" (spammers ) for this, their abuse of the public internet and the "Spam Everything Online " (SEO) engineers, but that is also another topic,...beyond the scope of the forum,..
according to debian forums I was listed on all three, at least)

I don't understand this, normally this forum does not have that kind of information,
but I suppose that is irrelevant. You also could check with StopForumSpam: Someone there might be able to give you more detailed advice,... I have never heard of spam cannibal myself, sounds pretty nasty,...they could be a problem, but not really, a wiki admin probably will be able to help you, I have seem posts on the mail list and the person with the same problem did get help, so I think that is your best option.
I copied this for you, obviously you can not read the FAQ, but any way:
Wiki Administration

Please see the FAQ before contacting the admins.

Anything that involves feature requests (i.e., wiki upgrades), bugs that aren't completely upstream or issues with the wiki that don't involve the content would be fine for contacting the Wiki Admins.

debian-www is the best way to contact folks; be aware that this is a public list.

If you have anything that you need to discuss with the Wiki Admins but you think it should be private, try <> instead.

Several of the Wiki Admins are also normally to be found on #debian-www as well.

As you see, it pretty much says the same thing I did, but does have a contact admins e-mail . It should be ok to post it here, it is public information.
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Re: Debian Wiki: access forbidden?

Postby mkrutov » 2020-07-25 03:38

Thanks for reply!

I don't understand this, normally this forum does not have that kind of information,

I was not able to register on the forum either, because Forum claimed that my IP is blacklisted on services so and so, and it is reasonable to assume that same mechanics are used for spam protection across the whole infrastructure.
What is curious, I was able to register on the forum using random public http proxy instead - and not even warning was issued during registration process.

Otherwise, I was able to find email address to contact the wiki administrators, through this forum, and have my access re-enabled by now. :-)

Thank you for your time, again,

All the best,
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