Loginctl session not terminated after X logout

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Loginctl session not terminated after X logout

Postby noober1983 » 2020-07-31 02:42

I run Testing with XFCE. I've noticed that whenever I log out from an X session (let's call it Session A) and log in to another one (Session B), then some services are not available on B; in particular, when running xfce4-session-logout, only the "Log out" option is enabled. I found some post about this elsewhere (one of them is a Debian bug report from 2 years ago, but it is unclear whether or not it was resolved):
By running loginctl terminate-session <session-id> everything goes back to normal. In the first of the post it is suggested editing the file /etc/lsystem/ogind.conf and uncomment the line that says
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It is actually set to "no" by default. Apparently this is a good idea for some servers so that some essential processes keep running; setting the above doesn't work for me. If I log into X Session B, then in order to suspend/hibernate/shutdown the system I have either to log in as root in some terminal, or log out and back into Session A, which is annoying. Whenever I log out from Session A I get the following:
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      1 1000 userA seat0   
      2 1001 userB
2 sessions listed.

So only Session A is "seated", which I believe means it has control over the X session in its entirety (perhaps this is where I am wrong). Is there a way around this? What I want is for Session A to terminate, with all its processes, upon Logging out from XFCE. The users are set not to linger and I have the above configuration on /etc/systemd/logind.conf. Thanks!
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