Random Timeouts (intermittent connectivity)

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Random Timeouts (intermittent connectivity)

Postby System_Error_Message » 2020-09-09 09:11

Hi i've been diagnosing this issue for days now. I've been using debian for my fileserver for a month now and since the start i've always had intermittent connectivity issues. I've gone through my network and run as much tests as possible and it seems the network and NIC are entirely fine.

I tried pinging around for a day and here are the results

Pinging a network device, 0 packet loss, 2% packet loss for wifi APs (from ethernet)
attaching a 2nd cable from the debian server and pinging both ips, 7% packet loss at the same time for both NICs (ruling out issue with NIC)
pinging the debian server from the router, same result but timeouts dont happen the same time as from laptop via ethernet.
Checked switches and routers for network errors, there were few but had no corrrelation to timeouts (a timeout did not increase the error stats)
Pinging out from the debian server, no packet loss.
pinging the debian server from the attached switch, all packets from the switch lost.

Im at a loss here and the intermittent issues really really bug me. When im connected via SSH i get pauses before anything happens. If i watch a video it gets stuck from time to time for 1 to a few seconds each time, its very annoying. Its worse when im transferring files and it causes pausing as well as the main purpose of having a fast file server is that it is faster than transferring to an external media for backing up and distributing files.

I get less packet loss from internet than this. Before i had opensuse running but i had to switch because i had to install applications that werent made to run on opensuse (i dont know why software would be made for centOS but not opensuse) but there were no issues or such timeouts running opensuse.
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