Well, this kernel Bluetooth exploit is depressing

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Re: Well, this kernel Bluetooth exploit is depressing

Postby CwF » 2020-10-26 15:19

Deb-fan wrote: Who the hades are you talking to dude ?" moments.

I'm the type to walk up to them, point and giggle, move my mouth like I'm talking, making no sound, then nod and smile as if in the end of a joke as I walk away.... Then when they distract and remove their earpiece to say something I keep walking...if I have to I say 'Oh, I wasn't talking to you.'
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Re: Well, this kernel Bluetooth exploit is depressing

Postby Deb-fan » 2020-10-26 15:38


Not bad, not bad at all.

Back then had zero idea what was going on, not that I'm all that far along now either. :P That's pretty close to a mirror image of my 1st experience with a BT earbud. Still only 1/2 believed the guy when he walked off too. Hmmmm talking on a phone eh ? Yeah ... okay, weirdoe. :D

Now everybody knows what's going on. Sometimes wonder how many of these peeps we see walking around mumbling to themselves DON'T even have a bluetooth device, lol. This tech's whole idea, it's track record and some added disturbing stuff I read due to this thread, errr, no intent to bother learning anything about bluetooth unless it's a requirement for some oddball reason.

Yep, more dorkness, bare with me ...

All those kernel's being vulnerable, something about this which also bugs me. Constantly see these linux users touting all these eyes on the source. There are NO MORE QUALIFIED EYES in all the open source world than those of the people at kernel.org and everybody missed this, this long ? Wth man, just wth ?!?! I mean with limited exception those nixers must be some of the absolute best of the best in tech anywhere. Ah fark.

ps, dang it. :D

Wanted to clarify something, pretty sure that guy in the bt earbud incident described was having an argument on the phone, I mean wasn't just walking along nicely talking to himself, was gesturing wildly, speaking in an angered voice etc. So from my perspective some weird guy doing this was walking in my general direction and getting closer, so yeppers, I got hostile real fast. Did think he was being threatening ... It's funny now, wasn't at the time. Just don't want anybody thinking damn Deb-fan, you're a real friggin jerk blowing up on some guy.
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Re: Well, this kernel Bluetooth exploit is depressing

Postby stevepusser » 2020-10-27 05:46

Well, yes, it used to be fairly safe to assume some one talking to voices that only they could hear were cracked in the coconut, but Bluetooth has changed all that. It'll be even worse in the future when the tech is made even smaller and implantable, so we can't even spot the earbuds when we get close.
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