fdisk problem while resizing partition

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fdisk problem while resizing partition

Postby rrenzo » 2020-10-20 23:21

Good afternoon,
i've been trying to resize an ext4 format using resize2fs with no problem
but when trying to recreate the partition with new shrink size (150G) fdisk rejects using the 150G prefix
and says it's too big for the available size settiing the fixed original size of the free space there..
Also used gpart to identify the new resized format with no success.
Should i downgrade fdisk to a working edition or something or insist with different than resize2fs program?
Thank you.

Also i'm relatively new to this forum. what recomendations would you give me for reporting thank you. Diego
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Re: fdisk problem while resizing partition

Postby p.H » 2020-10-21 10:12

fdisk does not care about the filesystem size.
Please post the commands you used to resize the filesystem, the output of "fdisk -l", all the exact commands you passed to fdisk to try to resize the partition and the exact error messages.
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