how to find out bug fixes for Debian 10?

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how to find out bug fixes for Debian 10?

Postby mikla » 2020-10-27 07:03

Is there a simple way to find out X11 bug fixes or updates going from Debian 8 to 9 to 10? I have looked at and there seem to be a lot there, and I am not sure which ones are relevant.
Back story: I have a package using X11/motif that worked in Debian 8 and Ubuntu 12.04. It crashed in Debian 9 but then worked again in Debian 10. However, in the Debian children such as Ubuntu and MInt, the same package crashes in all newer versions. So I wish to see if something was fixed up, but those derivative distros failed to include the patches in Debian 10.
PS the crashing package builds and runs okay in Red Hat/Suse/Mandriva so issue seems related to Debian family.
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