root password change on QNAP LXC

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root password change on QNAP LXC

Postby rysic » 2020-11-15 18:55


I installed on QNAP LXC Debian (from ready to use package).
Whe I started, I can access to it via some virtual console - it is atomatically logging as root (not asking for password).

I changed root password via passwd, created new user and installed SSH server.
I am able to login via SSH to server but I can't use "su". It shows that password is incorrect.
I can't also login via SSH as root.

I don't know even what I can show to help you? What is this LXC debian image changing to standard Debian version? :?
Something in PAM? I don't know how it works and what file I can show.

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root@debian-buster-1:~# cat /etc/issue                                                                                                                               
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