Huion H610PRO Does Not Work on Debian 10.

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Huion H610PRO Does Not Work on Debian 10.

Postby conclave » 2020-11-16 16:05

I recently replaced an older Wacom Intuous 2 tablet that bit the dust yet worked on Debian 10 with a new Huion H610PRO. Works fine on Windows, yet nothing even recognized with Debian 10. Also have Fedora 30 works sometimes on this yet erratic. Decided to buy a Huion since price is a lot less than Wacom and times are hard right now. Is there any way to get this working with Debian? Is there a driver available or way to set it up using Wine and an .exe driver that works fine in Windows? I have never had any luck using WINE with Debian, although this Wine Tricks application is available.
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