Debian 10 freezes: Watchdog bug CPU stuck for 22s

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Debian 10 freezes: Watchdog bug CPU stuck for 22s

Postby otaviusdecimus » 2021-01-02 04:49

Hi there,

I have been running my Debian 10 smoothly for over a year. It happens that after the update 10.6 it started to freeze the keyboard, mouse and screen. Sometimes waiting for about 20 min I can get to the console mode and reboot it. Yesterday I updated it to 10.7 with no luck at all, it froze again. Searching for information on google, I found out apparently a solution for this problem by disabling modeset at grub/kernel level, that is, appending "nomodeset" to the grub linux line and hitting F10. It seemed to be working fine for a couple of hours when system shutdown by itself. I restarted it up by appending nomodeset again with no luck, the system (screen, mouse, keyboard) freezes.
Does anyone happen to know the solution for this problem? My system is the Supermicro H8SMI Opteron 1389 8GB ATI FirePro 4800.
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Re: Debian 10 freezes: Watchdog bug CPU stuck for 22s

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2021-01-02 08:51

otaviusdecimus wrote:appending "nomodeset" to the grub linux line

That will break your graphics — AMD cards require kernel modesetting so disabling it will force the VESA drivers, which will give terrible performance.

Do you have the firmware-amd-graphics and amd64-microcode packages installed? Is the CPU overclocked? Is your power supply sufficient? Have you checked the RAM health?

Enable persistent logging for the systemd journal to investigate this further. See journald.conf(5) for the method.
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Re: Debian 10 freezes: Watchdog bug CPU stuck for 22s

Postby CollegeBrunner » 2021-01-13 08:20

Cause. A 'soft lockup' is defined as a bug that causes the kernel to loop in kernel mode for more than 20 seconds without giving other tasks a chance to run. The watchdog daemon will send an non-maskable interrupt (NMI) to all CPUs in the system who, in turn, print the stack traces of their currently running tasks.

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