Volunteering using data science for Debian?

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Volunteering using data science for Debian?

Postby LemanR » 2021-01-09 22:19

Hello all,

So quick backstory, at my university I major in psych, minor in cogn & behavioral neuroscience & am close to a data science certificate. My last semester will be upper level applied stats with programming courses related to data science. I also have neuroscience related research experience & have created two R programs from scratch for 2 research lab related projects. Along with this I genuinely enjoy using data manipulations to extract knowledge and insight. Because of these factors I've been looking for opportunities where I can grow as a statistician and data science programmer.

My question is, are there volunteer data science related opportunities with Debian (whether business related data or otherwise) so that I can grow as a programmer and statistician. Right now I am fairly familiar with many data science concepts however in many ways I feel inexperienced which is what I wish to change with such opportunities. If anyone is interested I do have a very recent CV and don't mind sending college unofficial transcript (I recently applied to a neuroscience Ph.D program so those documents are very fresh).
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