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sources.list suggestion

Postby Enzo386 » 2005-08-28 18:28


I just installed a fresh copy of Debian Sarge using the netinstall CD, so i have the latest "stable" packages. I want to upgrade to Sid/Unstable to use KDE 3.4, so i'm wondering what you recommend i have in my sources.list file to make the upgrade a success, or, just share your sources.list file :)
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Postby sprucio » 2005-08-30 13:09

In the sources.list file, change all words that say stable to unstable.

Also comment out the line because unstable doesn't have such repository.
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Postby tim » 2005-08-30 17:59

Now is not a good time to upgrade to sid--kde 3.4 is not yet in sid, and chances are you will really mess up your installation if you upgrade now. Best to wait a few weeks until the problems have been sorted out.
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