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Small office

Postby Guest » 2005-09-06 22:31

I have used Debian and linux for 1 year privatly...
I have got a job to do for a friend to create a small office (4-5 users) and I have suggested to him that Debian maybee the answer...
His need...
1. Lan
2. A server for ftp, website(low volume), firewall?,mail, shared documents... etc
3. 4 clients
4. An office suite
5. Webbrowser
6. Document handling
7. One Windows Client due to Tax program (existing system)

My solution
a. Server, AMD64 Processor /2 GB RAM /Software Raid (Mirroring) Debian 64 version.
b 4 client machine AMD64 / 512 MB Ram, no DVD no Floppy, install with USB Stick connected to the lan, Debian Sarge 64 (testing dist) Gnome, FireFox, Open Office 2.0, mail client )

Is this fesable?
- Server, What firewall should I use, and should I put it on the server?
- Client Machines: is 64 bit apropriate with the client machines, Open Office 2.0/Mozilla plugins/drivers, does client machines need firewall and anti-virus?

Postby Harold » 2005-09-08 06:54

Guest> Client Machines: is 64 bit apropriate with the client machines, Open Office 2.0/Mozilla plugins/drivers...?

Interesting questions. I'm starting to rehab a desktop computer. My first thought was to upgrade to an AMD Athlon XP (Barton), but I discovered that development of the 32-bit Desktop Athlons ended in 2003 when the first AMD64s hit the street. My local shop tells me that the date of discontinuation for production of Bartons is already decided, although I don't know what that date is. (Yes, this shop is very reliable, even if they are Fedora fanatics. ;-)

So, we are now discussing chipsets. There are three choices: nVidia, ATI, VIA. All three companies are in a no-holds-barred struggle to deliver the best reasonably-priced, fully-integrated set of northbridge, southbridge, video and sound chips to motherboard manufacturers. This is A Good Thing (TM) for AMD fans. Yes, Intel makes fully integrated chipsets also, but not for AMD processors, so let's forget about them. ;-) The AMD 64 buyer also has to determine the type of CPU socket he wants to use. Once these decisions are made, he can start comparing the different manufacturers' motherboards.

Addendum 1:
Background info on Debian's AMD64 port is at
Current Etch installer for the AMD64 port is at
Debian repository of AMD64 applications is at

Guest> What firewall should I use?
I use Shorewall.

Guest> My solution: a. Server, AMD64 Processor /2 GB RAM...
I'm a desktop kind of guy, and don't know much about networking or servers. Why would this server require 2-gig of RAM?
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Postby Guest » 2005-09-10 18:11

Thanks for your reply...
I think I will use the 32 bit edition for the clients (Open Office 2.0 won't support 64 bit in the first version)

Yes, I am too leaning on using Shorewall...

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