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Postby livingdaylight » 2005-09-23 00:46

Sorry, i realised that my last post more properly belonged in 'Hardware'
Please bear with me while i find my way around here.

I have just downloaded Opera. and ran into this problem installing the tar.gz using dpkg:

x1-6-00-0b-6a-16-78-f0baraka:/home/conrad# dpkg -i opera-8.50-20050916.5-shared- qt.i386-en.tar.gz
dpkg-deb: `opera-8.50-20050916.5-shared-qt.i386-en.tar.gz' is not a debian forma t archive
dpkg: error processing opera-8.50-20050916.5-shared-qt.i386-en.tar.gz (--install ):
subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 2
Errors were encountered while processing:

I downloaded it from Opera speciifying my Debian os so i don't understand "...is not a debian format archive" ??

Has anyone here successfuly installed Opera that can tell me how its done?

Allow me to thank you in advance,


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Postby Harold » 2005-09-23 02:11

Go to http://www.opera.com/download/linux.htm ... x=141&y=22 select your distro, do not check download in tar.gz format.
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Postby pagey007 » 2005-11-17 20:32

Can also download opera static for debian,Right click on file and open with [kpackage manager] and it will install it for you,
Mike :)
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Postby mjolnir » 2005-12-14 23:57

deb http://deb.opera.com/opera/ stable non-free
You can also add this to your sources.list and use aptitude to dl and install Opera.
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