shutdown command not found after uninstalling gdm

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shutdown command not found after uninstalling gdm

Postby Donny662 » 2005-10-04 22:41

I just installed Debian on my system, and so far it has been going fairly smoothly for me just poking around in the dark, but I just ran into a problem I can't find the answer to.

When I installed Sarge from the CD, I selected the desktop environment to be installed at that time also. I didn't realize it was going to set it up so it would boot into x and give me the "welcome" screen. So, I wanted to make it so it boots into the text based login and then I can enter Gnome through the command prompt. I uninstalled gdm using aptitude, and now I can logout of Gnome into the command prompt instead of it shutting down the computer, and I can start either Gnome or KDE from the command prompt just fine. But, I went to shutdown the computer using "shutdown -h now," and I get an error along the lines of "bash: shutdown command not found."

Is there another way to properly shutdown the computer from the command prompt, or is there a way I can get the shutdown command to work? I usually try to find answers to problems in documentation or from other discussions but this caught me completely off guard.

Thanks in advance.

Please disregard my previous post

Postby Donny662 » 2005-10-04 23:34

And the monkey prize goes to . . . . . . . me!

I figured out the answer. It seems I was logged into another shell or something when I was in the command prompt. I tried using the logout command and it said the same thing as when you try to use that command when you have the terminal opened in x. So, I typed exit and now I can shutdown the computer. Now the computer is behaving as I wanted it to by booting into the command prompt instead of x.

I don't really understand why I had a problem, but I am content to just forget about this embarassing incident altogether :oops: , and I hope the moderators will find it in their heart to delete this post and save my shame.

I'm just kidding, the mods don't need to delete it. I hope that my folly will give you experienced users a slight chuckle at the least.

Postby Wikinator » 2005-10-05 10:37

only root knows the command "shutdown", because it's in /sbin.
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Postby Donny662 » 2005-10-05 23:17

Oh. :? . How can a normal user shutdown the system then?

Postby Wikinator » 2005-10-13 20:29

only with sudo shutdown, if it's allowed in /etc/sudoers. there's no other way.
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Postby jobezone » 2005-10-15 15:05

Wikinator wrote:only with sudo shutdown, if it's allowed in /etc/sudoers. there's no other way.

And to do that, use the visudo command. Look into its manual to learn more.

In my system, my user has sudo acess to all commands, so I ran visudo, then entered the line
eduardo ALL=(ALL) ALL
. You probably only want the user to acess shutdown using sudo, and for that I can't remember on the top of my head how should this line look like, so check the man page of visudo.
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