Moving to Debian

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Moving to Debian

Postby Brett » 2005-10-11 21:41

I'm pondering as to whether or not to move to Debian from Ubuntu. I want to try Debian without it being candy-coated by Ubuntu, but I'm concerned it will be difficult to maintain an up-to-date system. Is there any advice you could give a newbie to help me paint a better picture as to what Debian is like.

Brett Beeman

Postby startx » 2005-10-12 13:05

but I'm concerned it will be difficult to maintain an up-to-date system
well depends on what your system is doing. running server like services and understand "up-to-date" in sence of security, debian is probably the easiest system to maintain.

ubuntu and debian are sharing the basic tools for maintainance (as apt, dpkg etc), so there shouldn't be a big difference.

if you understand "up-to-date" in sence of "newest software versions" you will have to run the unstable branch (or getting familiar with the so called backports)
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Postby Guest » 2005-10-13 00:04

Well, I'm not so hardcore that I'm trying to run "bleeding edge" software, but I've been told that Debian systems are hard to maintain when compared to Ubuntu.

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