Setting up samba via GUI for file sharing

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Setting up samba via GUI for file sharing

Postby rusty miller » 2005-12-09 21:10

Greetings all,

I want to use my Debian PC as a file server, which will be accessed by my Windows PC. Specifically, Debian is installed on one hard drive, and I have data on the other two hard drives.

As the PCs are on my personal LAN, behind a hardware firewall, I'm fine with anonymous/guest read/write access to the shared files, as I'm the only person on the network. If it's easy, though, I don't mind making an account with a password, to have layered security. I'm just not sure if I need to make just a samba account, just a Linux account, or both. I've gone through different GUI-driven configuration windows, related to Samba and related to File Sharing, played with many settings, and got file sharing to work except it's read-only access and I need write access as well. I don't recall if I set up a guest account or not, because I tried many things to get this far.

Would someone please tell me the best way to set this up via X Windows? I want to take advantage of the GUI interface, and understand it, because I've played with configuration files in Linux too many times and it's a chore. There's plenty of documentation for samba out there (config files) but I haven't found anything on these windows (i.e. the Samba Config window, the Debian File Sharing window). Sorry I don't recall the names exactly - I'm not in front of my PC now, but they are available in the "start menu" in Gnome/KDE.

Also, I want to make sure those two hard drives aren't mounted as read only. Isn't there a -ro or something for read only that I should not have in there? Any notes for how I should mount the hard drives in /etc/fstab?

Thanks in advance,

rusty miller

Re: Setting up samba via GUI for file sharing

Postby jobezone » 2005-12-11 02:24

The webmin-samba package is the one you want. From its description:

samba control module for webmin
This module allows webmin (a web-based interface for system administration
for Unix) to create and edit Samba file and print shares.
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