oops.... please help

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oops.... please help

Postby xtlosx » 2005-12-11 03:00

Hey Guys, I have run into a little pain in my ass...... I have a dell inspiron 5100, i had winxp and debian dual booted using grub. everything was perfect... my xp install is 2+ yers old so it was time to reinstall.. i reinstall, and xp sets itself to being the bootable partition.....

so i pop in the freebsd install cd, get into fdisk and set the linux partition, and my machine says, error loading operating system, but the partitions haven't changed... how can i fix this problem that i am now having? Would putting the debian cd in there, and going thruigh the beginning of the install again do the trick?

I popped in the bsd cd, after getting the error loading operating system, made the xp bootable... and it worked... boots into XP.. i set the linux partition to bootable, and it says error loading operating system... what the hell is going on? With norton partition magic i can browse the linux filesystem, and see the boot directory with the kernel and what not.. what to do?
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Postby anon » 2005-12-11 14:59

If you installed grub on the mbr and microsoft replaced it with the the xp bootloader grub-install <devicename> ought to be all you need.

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