unknown scancode

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unknown scancode

Postby Wed » 2005-12-21 03:50

I hope this is the least bad place to put this issue ...

Ever so often my input is interrupted by the message:
Code: Select all
keyboard: unknown scancode e0 01
Well, the value differs but it is still annoying beyond belief.

Other than being a wireless Microsoft board, it is a quite ordinary ps/2 one.

On this very machine I have a few disks with Gentoo, Slackware that I change between, not to mention all the installs that preceeded those. All without as much as a hickup.

This time I have had this annoyance while installing and using Debian thrice in the last 48 hours.

It does work to just endure it, even though some inputs needs to be verified before entered.

Is this by any chance known to someone?

My search for 'scancode' turned up a blank, while 'unknown' yielded way too many irrelevant hits.

No, I haven't tried with another keyboard ... yet. If this doesn't work, then it isn't all too appealing.
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Postby Harold » 2005-12-21 16:52

Wed> My search for 'scancode' turned up a blank, while 'unknown' yielded way too many irrelevant hits.

I went to www.google.com/advanced_search and searched on with all the words: Debian and with the exact phrase: keyboard: unknown scancode. I got a reasonable number of responses. The one from The Answer Gang at Linux Gazette looked interesting. Google is your friend! ;-)
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