partition and file system

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partition and file system

Postby y2kdis » 2005-12-23 04:59

here's the scenario.

i set up my webserver to have the ff partitions:
#1 primary 20 GB /ext3 /
#5 logical 1 GB swap swap
#6 logical 20 GB /ext3 /home
#7 logical 104 GB /ext3 /usr

i noticed that most of the applications have their default data directory in /var, which i didn't allot a partition for. in which partition do the /var /tmp /etc and the other directories get installed in in case separate partitions were not alloted for them? i'm now scared to the end of my wits that they will all be placed in the root partition which is only 20gb (and our data could reach more than that). so now i'm thinking about moving the data directory of each application to /usr which is 120gb, but i really don't know if my fear is unfounded. also moving the default data directory sometimes causes trouble as in the case of postgresql wherein some associated binary like pgaccessa and pg_ctl seem to be hardcoded to look in the data directory which was installed by default.
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Postby Scotti » 2005-12-23 06:09

From my experiece, if you don't specify a partition directory it gets put in the root directory by default... your #1 primary 20 GB /ext3 /

So I'd say yes, your /var, /etc, and so on are on that partition.
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