default vendor account (username) was deleted

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default vendor account (username) was deleted

Postby y2kdis » 2005-12-23 05:08

i ran into one article that suggested deleting some default vendor accounts (usernames) like audio, video, lpr, etc. as part of tightening security. these accounts are installed by default by the system hence they don't show on the user/group panel unless you check the show all users and groups. one of the accountes i deleted was 'nobody'. unfortunately, File Alteration Monitor (FAM) seems to be using this account in order to run. how can i bring back this account/username with its original setting? i tried manually creating a 'nobody' username but it's not like the original one that doesn't show up unless you click the show all users and groups checkbox. reinstalling FAM also doesn't create this account as FAM checks for the existence of this account during its installation.
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Postby domecq » 2005-12-28 23:44

"User nobody. The corresponding gid refers to the group nogroup."


About FAM, check this out: ... /ch08.html


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