Is having a firewall a real necesity?

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Postby nayoo » 2006-05-09 14:09

I'v installed firestarter. It suits my needs precisely and I am writing this follow-up notes here so that someone who is new can be benefited from it.

I am using Etch with kernel 2.6.15-1-686.

To install the firestarter:
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 apt-get install firestarter
as root will do.

There is an excellent documentation for Firestarter here (Read this first).

It is extremely easy to setup and use. As a default setting, all the inbound connections are blocked but you are freely allowed to established new connections. All the blocked connections with IP addresses are logged very clearly. You can even view currently active connections with all IP addresses and port numbers in use. You can configure more in-depth according to your needs later on. I must say that it is a very cool software. During last 3 hours, Firestarter has blocked 313 inbound connections which I don't authorize and out of 313, 303 is serious (uni campus LAN). These are the informations I got from the Status tab in Firestarter. No harm at all, you should try it if you are looking for a firewall solution.

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Postby Bulkley » 2006-05-09 20:15

Everyone should have some sort of firewall. You probably won't keep out a really skilled invader, but it will stop the script kiddy next door. I know some techs who have seen Linux servers invaded. It's not common, but it does happen, so a little precaution is advised.

I use Firestarter, which works admirably. And, yes Tina, it does start at boot up.
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Postby Turbo » 2006-05-13 14:33

Firestarter is not a firewall itself, its a frontend for iptables, the built-in linux firewall.

And you indeed don't really need one if you're absolutely sure that nothing is listening, so no filesharing, nothing, are you sure that is the case ? If so, i'm sure you're wrong.
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Postby Bulkley » 2006-05-13 16:05

Turbo wrote:Firestarter is not a firewall itself, its a frontend for iptables, the built-in linux firewall.

That makes sense. Anyway, Firestarter is easy to use and works well.

If so, i'm sure you're wrong.

Wrong about what?
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Postby ajdlinux » 2006-05-13 21:20

I'm NATted and couldn't really care less about running a firewall. Of course if I did want one, it's only ever a few keystrokes away with apt-get.
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