do i have splashy working?

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do i have splashy working?

Postby kenkeanon » 2006-01-09 08:57

Now, when i boot-up with grub, tux, about 1x1, appears at the top-left corner, followed by text up to the line "INIT: version...", then the full-screen image appears and slightly later, the progress bar. When the progress bar reaches its end, my kdm login screen appears.
When I shutdown, there is a page of texts and then the full-screen image appear followed by the progress bar and the system shuts down.
Is that 'splashy' at work? There is no write-up to tell me what to expect. I was expecting to see no text at all.
Another problem is that the text size has shrunk. How to bring it back to the previous size?

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Postby Jeroen » 2006-01-09 09:08

That must be splashy. It cannot invoke itself earlier then the kernel initialisation, which you are seeing just before splashy is in effect. You'd require a kernel level module to also achieve *that*. And the BIOS text, you cannot get rid of at all.

The text is smaller, because you're now using framebuffer -- this is required to get graphics going on in textmode, instead of the normal BIOS/DOS like big letter texts. I'm not sure whether you can customise the fontsize of it, but I assume you can.
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hurrah, splashy it is!

Postby kenkeanon » 2006-01-09 13:17

I am happy that I got it working but also disappointed and confused.
Disappointed because Windows can come up without any text and not Linux.
Confused because to get it working I have to defy the rule i.e. I have to patch my kernel the way it was supposed to be for installing bootsplash. Otherwise I just couldn't get it to work.

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Postby deroB » 2006-01-12 16:50


Postby RWIndiana » 2006-02-04 01:25

Hey all, I have a problem. I tried doing splashy, but in order to get it to work, I have to have "vga=792" in my menu.lst. The problem is that it causes x to crash with an error and never start. then even though I should be at a command line, I'm not. I'm just stuck there with the nice, small text, and no way to do anything (except reboot with ctrl-alt-del).

Any help?
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