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Postby teena » 2006-01-20 08:44

I want the full information about Debian OS

Postby kink » 2006-01-20 09:48

There's a lot of information on . If you have any specific questions, let us know here.
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Postby clydefrog » 2006-01-20 10:01

More info can be found at too.
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Postby Scotti » 2006-01-20 17:54

Well, to be correct Debian is not an OS. Debian is a distribution of the Linux OS. A "distro" is made up of core packages and programs installed at install time, the "installer" program, a Linux kernel, a package management system, and many other things. The OS, Linux, interacts with these core packages and programs to let you be productive when using your computer.
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Well, to be even more exact

Postby towarzysz » 2006-01-27 04:49

Linux is only the kernel, GNU is the operating system
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Re: Well, to be even more exact

Postby PrawnJuice » 2006-01-27 07:28

towarzysz wrote:Linux is only the kernel, GNU is the operating system

Technically it is, but most people mean the OS when they say Linux.
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Postby moonlight » 2006-01-29 08:31

Besides all the information you can find on the internet about Linux and Debian, ... if you really want to understand Debian's internals, ... just order the book 'The Debian System' written by Martin F. Krafft, a Debian developer.

I call it my Debian bible.

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debian complete details

Postby mahajan » 2006-01-29 12:56

If you want basic information about debian and where to download debian linux follow this link

There are couple of sites where you can get very good help, tutorials and howto's really worth to look - Debian tutorials and how to's very nice one - Debian user forums and new - Debian users forum and articles

Hope this helps

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