From gdm to command line...

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From gdm to command line...

Postby Guest » 2006-01-21 03:54

I am new to debian and was wondering how to get back to the command line when I am at the gdm login screen. I somehow didnt install xterm or anything so trying to login to a window manager is useless as there is nothing there so I need to be able to use apt to install. Thanks in advance for any help.

Postby Scotti » 2006-01-21 04:08

One solution is to hit: Ctrl + Alt + F2 - F6 (meaning hit any F key, 2 through 6). This gets you to a Bash prompt. To get back to the GUI, hit Ctrl + Alt + F7.
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Postby adssse » 2006-01-21 04:53

Thank you very much. I figured it would be something simple to someone with more experience. I was attempting to do this but I was trying to use just alt+F2. Thanks again.
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