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Root Login

Postby tjhome » 2006-01-21 15:20

I am using Debian 3.1 with KDE 3.5.
I login under my name, which is the only user available in the login screen. The default permission will not allow me to do very much. Since I am the only user of theis computer, is there any way to include the root user in the login screen so I can login as the root.

Any help with this will be appreciated.

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Postby greenmeanie » 2006-01-21 16:19

Are you using GDM?
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Re: root login

Postby tjhome » 2006-01-21 16:25

I am using KDM and xfree86 x window server.
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Postby clydefrog » 2006-01-21 17:58

Just as a by-question ;) Why do you need a root kdm session? Surely you can accomplish pretty much everything with a root konsole?
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