sudo: unable to lookup [hostname] via gethostbyname()

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sudo: unable to lookup [hostname] via gethostbyname()

Postby v01i0 » 2006-01-23 09:01

Hello everyone,

I just installed Ubuntu on my other computer, but I can't give it sudo-commands at all. Everytime I try, I'll get following error message:
sudo: unable to lookup Lightbearer via gethostbyname()

Where Lightbearer name of my computer.

It appears that there is different hostname on /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname which may be confusing sudo(at least that's what I've read). However, I cannot change them same manually since I have no suffient previleges to save file after editing it.

Because of this, I can do pretty much nothing on my computer, since I cannot execute programs that need root rights.

Should I try some other distro instead of ubuntu?

Help would be greatly appreciated,



ps. I'm such a n0ob with linux. Please try to keep your answer simplified ;) Thanks.
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Postby Jeroen » 2006-01-23 09:57

Please see the ubuntu forums for ubuntu questions, Ubuntu has changed stuff with su/sudo, we don't know what.

You should be able to fix this using a livecd or booting with init=/bin/bash appended to the kernel line. Also, you can most likely login with your root password on the console (ctrl+alt+F1)
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