newbie to mepis

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newbie to mepis

Postby Smokeyone » 2006-01-30 10:21

As a newbie to linux & mepis i am still having troubles (no internet broadband connection) but with other distros connection is fine (Kanotix) but then I have different problems.
Is it possible to take the working parts out of one distro and insert them into another - if so - is there a site that explains all this.

thanks very much
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mepis and kanotix

Postby lestoil » 2006-01-31 19:06

For mepis live-cd or install dsl connexn problem have a look at . There is also with english support section.
If you tell this forum what pc or lappy you have you can get better help. The more you know about your hardware the more likely you will succeed with an install. check out this site for general debian guides. Good luck.
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