Pear upgrade failling

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Pear upgrade failling

Postby jasonb365 » 2006-02-27 22:51

Hello Everyone,

I have been trying to upgrade PEAR for a while though it keeps failing.

I am running Debian Sarge (3.1) and when I try to do the following it bombs out:

lab1:~# dpkg -l | grep php4-pear
ii php4-pear 4.3.10-16 PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Reposit
lab1:~# pear list
Installed packages:
Package Version State
Archive_Tar 1.3.1 stable
Console_Getopt 1.2 stable
DB 1.6.2 stable
HTTP 1.2.2 stable
Mail 1.1.3 stable
Net_SMTP 1.2.6 stable
Net_Socket 1.0.1 stable
PEAR 1.3.2 stable
XML_Parser 1.0.1 stable
XML_RPC 1.4.5 stable
lab1:~# pear upgrade pear
downloading PEAR-1.4.7.tgz ...
Starting to download PEAR-1.4.7.tgz (280,249 bytes)
..........done: 280,249 bytes
requires package `PEAR' >= 1.3.3
PEAR: Dependencies failed

I want to be able to do a pear upgrade-all without any problems also:

lab1:~# pear upgrade-all
Will upgrade db
Will upgrade http
Will upgrade mail
Will upgrade net_smtp
Will upgrade net_socket
Will upgrade pear
Will upgrade xml_parser
downloading DB-1.7.6.tgz ...
Starting to download DB-1.7.6.tgz (124,807 bytes)
..........done: 124,807 bytes
downloading HTTP-1.4.0.tgz ...
Starting to download HTTP-1.4.0.tgz (4,593 bytes)
...done: 4,593 bytes
downloading Mail-1.1.9.tgz ...
Starting to download Mail-1.1.9.tgz (16,411 bytes)
...done: 16,411 bytes
downloading Net_SMTP-1.2.8.tgz ...
Starting to download Net_SMTP-1.2.8.tgz (11,274 bytes)
...done: 11,274 bytes
downloading Net_Socket-1.0.6.tgz ...
Starting to download Net_Socket-1.0.6.tgz (4,623 bytes)
...done: 4,623 bytes
downloading PEAR-1.4.7.tgz ...
Starting to download PEAR-1.4.7.tgz (280,249 bytes)
...done: 280,249 bytes
downloading XML_Parser-1.2.7.tgz ...
Starting to download XML_Parser-1.2.7.tgz (12,939 bytes)
...done: 12,939 bytes
Segmentation fault

Is there any other way to upgrade PEAR without breaking anything else. I do have php4-pear installed. Thanks alot for any help you can give me.

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Postby Harold » 2006-02-28 04:07

What happens when you do apt-get update && apt-get install php4-pear? And are you using Debian's Stable branch?
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