Copying files from remote access to local pc

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Copying files from remote access to local pc

Postby Eddy612 » 2006-03-03 09:56

Got a question. Been hung out a bit by ex-colleague and don't know how to copy files from a remotely accessed system to a local pc (running windows) and really, REALLY need to figure this out. Don't know much about Linux, but have tried the "copy to remote host" command and can't figure out how to make it work. Anyone out there have any ideas?

Postby adssse » 2006-03-03 15:36

How are you accessing the remote pc, ssh? Have you looked into scp (secure copy) or sftp (secure ftp)?
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Postby Arawn » 2006-03-03 15:42

it's between two Linux ?
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Postby adssse » 2006-03-03 19:50

You can use ssh, scp and sftp between two linux machines or from a windows machine accessing a linux machine. Windows does not natively support these but you can download tools to do this. Here is a link to putty (for ssh), they also have tools for scp and sftp. ... nload.html

Hope this helps.
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