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debian live-cd

Postby anarki » 2006-05-17 10:36

I've just downloaded debian live cd from i boot but i dont know the username and password for root or another user. Does anybody know the root password and/or aother account so i can log in?
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Postby Amaranatha » 2006-05-17 14:09

I have never used that LiveCD, but you might want to try:
- "sudo -s".
- "su"
- Some simple passwords, like "debian", "admin" or "root".
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Postby anarki » 2006-05-17 19:48

problem solved
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so ? what are the username and paswword to use ?

Postby agoraphob » 2006-05-25 08:46

problem unsolved here !

Can you tell me what is/are username(s) and password(s) to use ?


Postby ajdlinux » 2006-05-25 08:47

The normal username is debian, password debian. It has auto login though.
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Postby Guest » 2006-05-25 08:59

I'm sorry but user/pass : debian/debian
doesn't seem to login in wmware !!!

did I miss something ?

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