Clock runs too fast! What's wrong?

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tounge in cheek answer

Postby guest » 2006-05-25 19:31

A You should not have bought that box. Please excuse me,
I am joking with you.
You have a crazy clock in your laptop. I have a computer
with a crazy clock too. It does not run two times the right speed
but it runs very fast. I hear the American expression “time flies
when you are having fun.” Maybe our computers are having
too much fun.
Why is it no solution to connect to a time server? Do you
mean that you used the KDE clock setting dialog to set the time
automatically? That will not fix your problem. I think this sets
the clock one time. It does not check later to see if the time is
still right.
You will have the same problem if you set the date with
ntpdate. This sets the clock only one time. It sets the clock
when you boot Linux. The clock will still run fast after that.
Try ntp-server. That is the most popular name for the package
for Debian and distributions that start with Debian. You can
use your favorite package manager to install ntp-server. I think
Knoppix includes the Synaptic package manager. It will install
some other packages too. This is okay.
Here is the thing you must know. Do not be impatient.
You install the time server ntp-server on your laptop. If it
runs okay, it will set the clock. You will probably see that
your clock is still too fast because your time server does not
know that your clock is too fast. Wait. Your time server will
check a time server on the Internet later and set the clock
again. Then it will do it again. After a while your time server
will learn that your clock is too fast. It will make a setting in
a file to remember that your clock is too fast. Then it will fix
the clock speed every time you start Linux.
This does not always work. Sometimes your clock is so fast
that the time server gets angry and gives up trying to fix it. But
it is a good try.
You also can try the package adjtimex. This program does
not need an Internet connection to work. This program checks
to see whether your clock is too fast or too slow. Then it picks
some numbers to fix the clock and saves these numbers in a file.
You will see it test your clock when you install it. It is picking the
fix-it numbers. Once it picks the numbers, it uses these numbers
to adjust your clock every time you boot Linux.
The adjtimex program did not work for me. My clock was
too fast and made the adjtimex program pick settings that it
could not use when I rebooted my computer. This does not
make sense to me. If adjtimex could not use these numbers,
why did it pick them? I do not know. This was a long time ago.
Maybe the people who wrote adjtimex have fixed that problem
by now. It is worth trying if you do not have an Internet connection
all the time or if ntp-server does not work for you.
It is not usually a good idea to try both ntp-server and
adjtimex. Pick one or the other.


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