Error-artsmessage, how to solve?

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Error-artsmessage, how to solve?

Postby raakken2 » 2006-05-21 15:07

I did an update in synptic, and alot of things got upgraded. But when it was done it had fucked up some things(I'm mad with debian now!! but it didn't happen to my fathers debian maschine...??)
this message suddenly appeard on my screen:
sound server fatal error:
cpu overload, aborting"

arts was taking almost 90% of my cpu, so I can't change it to alsa either... it just stops, and wount do anything( if I kill arts, it just starts again)

How can I solve this?
please help me

Postby anon » 2006-05-21 17:25

Don't know how to fix this but someone who was recently hit with the same thing sent a workaround to an old bug reporting the same thing (the workaround is to switch from pure alsa to the oss emulation layer ie install alsa-oss package and use it as if it was oss).

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